Compass, vLex and Justia bring a world of legal information to Canada

Compass, vLex and Justia bring a world of legal information to Canada

Ottawa, Canada - May 4, 2017


Compass is excited to announce a new legal research service for Canada, one made possible by strategic investments from global leaders in legal information publishing.


vLex, a Barcelona and Miami-based legal publisher serving tens of millions of legal information documents from over 100 countries, will be taking a substantial ownership stake in Compass, and its co-founder and CEO, Lluis Faus, will be joining the Compass Board of Directors.


Also joining Compass as an investor and strategic partner is California-based online legal information pioneer Justia. Co-founded by CEO Tim Stanley, who will also be joining the Compass Board of Directors, Justia is among the world’s largest providers and supporters of free access to legal information.


Building on the decades of editorial expertise that made the original Maritime Law Book national and regional case reporters treasured resources across the country, as well as on continued national English language court coverage, Compass, with the support of its partners, will soon introduce three new, feature-rich platforms: 

  • vLex Open Canada – a free tier of access to Canadian primary law
  • vLex Canada – featuring a professional grade suite of tools and services for lawyers, as well as support for library, law society and firm-wide implementation
  • vLex Global –  case law, legislation, regulations, books and journals, and other secondary materials from Canada, the United States and more than 100 countries. Enhanced with legal editorial analysis and commentary, all updated daily


“With the continued departure of small independent publishers and the nascent state of the legal tech startup market, the need for strong and innovative commercial competition to LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters in Canada has never been more pressing,” says Compass CEO Colin Lachance. “Building on the backbone of the historic MLB collection and the active participation of great partners who bring advanced technology and successful track records of decades of legal innovation and disruption, we will provide that competition.”


vLex CEO, Lluis Faus shared "We are delighted to have the opportunity of working together with some of the most talented innovators in the legal information industry. Through this partnership with Compass and Justia we will provide access to extensive Canadian, U.S. and Global collections of legal knowledge enhanced with artificial intelligence and advanced features.”


Tim Stanley of Justia added, “we are very happy to be working with Compass and vLex to support access and technology to make Canada’s laws even more usable by the legal profession, businesses and individuals.”


Finally, Compass is also pleased to welcome leading North American legal market analyst Jordan Furlong to its Board of Directors. From his Ottawa base, Jordan is a globally renowned author, speaker, and consultant to law firms, corporate law departments, bar associations, and legal regulators. His recently released book, Law is a Buyer’s Market, provides unparalleled insights into the changing legal marketplace.


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About Compass

9766758 Canada Inc. operating as Maritime Law Book and as Compass, is the successor to the original Maritime Law Book Ltd. It has a deep historical collection of richly annotated case law which it combines with new decisions from Canadian courts to provide online research and integration tools to facilitate access to that content. Compass is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.


About vLex

vLex is a leading online global legal intelligence provider with case law and legislation from 100+ countries, editorial content with daily analysis from 900+ collaborating publishers, and a smartsearch platform leveraged by machine learning. vLex is co-headquartered in Barcelona and Miami, with offices in Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogotá and Santiago de Chile.


About Justia

Justia is an online platform that provides the community with open access to the law, legal information, and lawyers, and is among the world’s largest providers and supporters of free access to​ ​law. Justia is headquartered in Mountain View, California.


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Colin Lachance

CEO, Compass



Susan Cunningham,

Director, U.S. & Global Market Strategy – Global Legal Intelligence


Cicely Wilson

Justia, Inc.