Help your law school send students to Law Games / Jeux'Ridiques 2018 in Manitoba!

When you sign-up for a free legal research account at vLex Canada Open, come back here and give your school credit for the referral by recording the email you used to register for vLex Canada Open.

Compass (formerly Maritime Law Book) is proud to sponsor Law Games / Jeux'Ridiques 2018 by helping students travel to Winnipeg (in January!!!! Brrrrr!!!!!) to represent their school at the games.

Awards are based on total and proportional sign-ups to give smaller schools a chance to compete fairly with the larger schools.

There are three travel bursaries of $1,000 up for grabs to the schools that generate the most verified sign-ups of vLex Canada Open by September 30th Midnight Eastern Time, October 23, 2107.

  • One award for "Group 1" schools
  • One award for "Group 2" schools
  • One award for "Group 3" schools

Assignment of schools to Groups will be done by the Law Games /Jeux'Ridiques organizers and communicated to all schools before the end of August. 

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